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Pirate Pete's Portable Party is a unique party experience. Pete is just as at home providing a small customised service for your event of 20 people as he is doing a large gig for 300+!

He can provide a full service incuding unique party games (generally aimed at adults that can be made to be more family friendly if required), Karaoke host services and DJing of multi genres of music (oldies to modern, but specialising in 80-00's dance, rock and cheese!).

Interactive/Online games have been tested with over 150 players at a time for the online mode and the "stand-alone" versions can handle upto 80 players

Pete can also provide a "roving" performer entertainment (think table magician) where he can play games and chat/banter with a table of guests at a time

Pete has more than 20 years experience of DJing and Hosting events and is happy to tailor the Portable Party to your requirements.

Coming Soon: The Baby Dave - a themed portable party "boat" that can be wheeled about to different locations containing most of the services available in the main party

Tech Specs:

  • Sound Sources: Laptop / DJ Tablet - both with mini DJ decks
  • Static Sound System - 600W RMS 15" speaker setup with 6 channel mixer, Dual CD decks, Karaoke screen and upto 4 Karaoke Mics
  • Static Lighting - Multiple party/disco lights to fill your venue with motion. Stage wash lights.
  • Portable Sound System - 120W portable PA with upto 2 Karaoke mics.
  • Games: Internet access recommended (data or wifi), but can be run as a limited service with no internet (Game dependent)

For venue Karaoke and Party Games, a Large public TV or Projector is recommended for the best interactivity

Take a look at Pete's facebook page to see the full madness of the Portable Party Experience!